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I'm Wendy Miller, Single Mom Coach and Meditation Teacher. I help single moms use mindfulness and meditation to create a life full of peace, creativity, passion, confidence, purpose, and joy. And I'm here to help you.

Do you feel like:

-You have no idea what you want now that the life you were living has fallen apart
-You’re questioning every decision (including the divorce)
-You struggle to let go of the past
-You feel anxious about the future because you don’t know what it holds (or what you want it to hold)

And would you rather have:

-Happiness, confidence & peace
-The chance to create and fulfill dreams & goals that give you purpose
-The ability to heal & move into a new life that feels good
-A chance to enjoy the life you have right now including time with your kids, hobbies, and friendships

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Still have questions? Here's even more detail about what you stand to gain from this premium newsletter:

  • Introduce small yet impactful practices of self-care

  • Reduce & eliminate stress, sleep better and feel more energized

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you truly are so you can focus on moving forward

  • Learn outside-the-box decision making

  • Break free from confusion & doubt to finally find clarity about your decisions

  • Re-imagine life after divorce with clear steps to get there

  • Turn fear of the future into hope & excitement for what’s ahead of you

  • Incorporate simple yoga techniques to bring balance and peace into your life, set intentions & shift energy

  • Create traditions and routines specifically for your new family unit

  • Return focus to your needs, desires and big dreams

  • Build calm, clear, and confident communication with your ex, kids, and others

  • Learn communication strategies for difficult people

  • Learn to reframe situations so you feel powerful instead of powerless

  • Drop feelings of helplessness and identify practical actions to pivot into your new life

  • Explore creative thought exercises, art practices and meditations with writing prompts

  • Find simple self-love practices you can do anytime

  • Get dating and relationship guidance

  • Stand in your own power and reclaim control

  • Find a new perspective on your divorce and put it into the bigger picture of your life

Are you ready to feel more peaceful, loving, and relaxed in your life as a single mom? Are you ready to be present and engaged? To have more creativity and passion for yourself as well as your kids?
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Why am I putting it in a newsletter format that just anyone can sign up for?
Because I believe everyone can benefit from coaching - but there are several potential obstacles in your way:

  • You don't have time to commit to sessions

  • Your budget doesn't allow for coaching right now

  • You want to get a feel for a coach's style & technique before committing to working with them

  • You're not even sure where you'd want to start if you worked with a coach

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